Snorkeling South Kona Coast of Hawaii Island

The Kona coastline offers the best snorkeling and wildlife that Hawaii has to offer!! The pristine waters are bar none. Miles of untouched waters, coastline, remote beaches and thousands of reef fish along with encountering whales and wild dolphins during this trip. The snorkeling was beyond words!!

In addition to that, everyone enjoyed a very stable ride because of the typically calm waters and the double hull design of the beautiful GRADY WHITE called  <Kulapa Kai>. On the way home, we lowered the double kayak and the SUP into the water for everyone to explore the coastline in detail. Several guests wanted to ride the SUP towed behind the boat, a very unique experience for the whole family. What a fun day for everybody and a wonderful and unforgettable way to spend time with family and friends.

We are all professional crew at Hawaiian Boating Adventures and we always take very good care of our guests so they feel very safe doing all of our ocean adventures!

We thoroughly enjoy sharing all the wonders the ocean has to offer!! That’s what we are all about.


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