Exciting wild dolphin swim on Kulapa Kai with Hawaiian Boating Adventures

On September 15th, a nice family of six from the Philippines took their vacation adventure with us at Hawaiian Boating Adventures on KULAPA KAI, our beautiful, quiet, 30′ catamaran. We took them to the magnificent Makalawena Beach area where we came across a pod of about 100 wild spinner dolphins!!
After spending some time near the pod, we decided to slip into the water to see if they wanted to play which gave us the opportunity to see many of them underwater and on the surface. There were quite a few dolphin babies, some of them just a few days old, some of them just a little older and the juveniles were showing off their flips and spins! Ooohs and Ahhs were the sounds of the day!!
The family was very excited to swim with them in the wild, especially above an extensive colorful tropical reef! It can be a spiritual, life changing experience sometimes.
After that, we took the boat close to the white sand beach and enjoyed swimming to shore and doing some exploring on this clean, deserted beach.
Capt. Eric mentioned to this family that Hawaiian Boating Adventures offers overnight trips to places exactly like that one, where guests can choose to sleep on deck, in the cabin or even on the beach under the stars.
Hawaiian Boating Adventures also provided the family with a 2 person kayak and a stand up paddle board for exploring other parts of the coastal area where the boat cannot easily go.
Once again another fantastic adventure in paradise with Hawaiian Boating Adventures on our beautiful catamaran Kulapa Kai!!