Exciting wild dolphin swim on Kulapa Kai with Hawaiian Boating Adventures

On September 15th, a nice family of six from the Philippines took their vacation adventure with us at Hawaiian Boating Adventures on KULAPA KAI, our beautiful, quiet, 30′ catamaran. We took them to the magnificent Makalawena Beach area where we came across a pod of about 100 wild spinner dolphins!!
After spending some time near the pod, we decided to slip into the water to see if they wanted to play which gave us the opportunity to see many of them underwater and on the surface. There were quite a few dolphin babies, some of them just a few days old, some of them just a little older and the juveniles were showing off their flips and spins! Ooohs and Ahhs were the sounds of the day!!
The family was very excited to swim with them in the wild, especially above an extensive colorful tropical reef! It can be a spiritual, life changing experience sometimes.
After that, we took the boat close to the white sand beach and enjoyed swimming to shore and doing some exploring on this clean, deserted beach.
Capt. Eric mentioned to this family that Hawaiian Boating Adventures offers overnight trips to places exactly like that one, where guests can choose to sleep on deck, in the cabin or even on the beach under the stars.
Hawaiian Boating Adventures also provided the family with a 2 person kayak and a stand up paddle board for exploring other parts of the coastal area where the boat cannot easily go.
Once again another fantastic adventure in paradise with Hawaiian Boating Adventures on our beautiful catamaran Kulapa Kai!!

Hawaiian Boating Adventures is the best private charter in Kona

This week as we frolicked in the crystal clear blue Hawaiian waters of the Kona Coast, our guests lived their Hawaiian dream as they learned that their wish is our desire. No adventure is like any other as we are here to make YOUR vision become reality! Whales, dolphins, sparkling, solitary snorkeling sites, we had it all!

As you know, “Kulapa Kai” (to frolic in the ocean) is a double-hulled power cat (30 ft.) with sunny and shady areas on deck and a cuddy cabin. She was made by GRADY WHITE, a well established boat builder on the East Coast. She has two new Yamaha 200 hp quiet and clean 4-stroke outboard engines with independent systems for your safety and comfort. Remember, we offer private charters for up to 6 passengers and our prices are per tour not per person.

About our Captain!! Captain Eric has been navigating around the Hawaiian islands for the past 30 years with an excellent safety record! He is very enthusiastic about sharing everything he loves in and around the ocean! His experience ranges from running boat charters with little six passenger dinghies to a 92 ft. sailing schooner and cruisers with up to 150 passengers. Eric’s passion about everything on and in the water ranges from scuba diving to snorkeling with dolphins and mantas to water skiing, SUP, kayaking, magnificent sunset cruises, safe overnight anchoring under the stars, being with the whales, fishing etc, etc.

All the above is possible on KUALAPA KAI, even inter island trips for the very brave and adventurous ones!

Because of the vast area of calm seas here in Kona and a very fast boat, we are able to take you beyond the norm and explore many more untouched places than the regular “3 hour tour”!

So come and join us out on the beautiful deep blue ocean and away from the everyday hustle and bustle while we share with you the feeling of the freedom of being out there on a true Hawaiian Boating Adventure!

Snorkeling South Kona Coast of Hawaii Island

The Kona coastline offers the best snorkeling and wildlife that Hawaii has to offer!! The pristine waters are bar none. Miles of untouched waters, coastline, remote beaches and thousands of reef fish along with encountering whales and wild dolphins during this trip. The snorkeling was beyond words!!

In addition to that, everyone enjoyed a very stable ride because of the typically calm waters and the double hull design of the beautiful GRADY WHITE called  <Kulapa Kai>. On the way home, we lowered the double kayak and the SUP into the water for everyone to explore the coastline in detail. Several guests wanted to ride the SUP towed behind the boat, a very unique experience for the whole family. What a fun day for everybody and a wonderful and unforgettable way to spend time with family and friends.

We are all professional crew at Hawaiian Boating Adventures and we always take very good care of our guests so they feel very safe doing all of our ocean adventures!

We thoroughly enjoy sharing all the wonders the ocean has to offer!! That’s what we are all about.